Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Orleans 'Real World' Star Danny Roberts Had Gay Hookup With Straight Cast Member

If you were a fan of "The Real World: New Orleans" then you undoubtedly remember ridiculously handsome cast member Danny Roberts.


The former reality star made headlines in early 2000's for being one of the few out people on television at the time (even Neil Patrick Harris claims that Roberts was an inspiration to him). But since then, aside from an appearance on "The Challenge," the MTV competition series that pits former "Real World" and "Road Rules" cast mates against one another and a role in the series "DTLA," which aired on Logo on last summer, he's kept a relatively low profile.

However, earlier this week, Roberts strode back into the spotlight when he appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" with several other "Real World" vets to chat about their lives on and off the small screen.

During the Andy Cohen-led gabfest a viewer called in and asked if any of the "Real World" cast members had hooked up with other teammates while appearing on "The Challenge." Everyone's answer was a boring "no," except for Roberts who says he didhook up with someone but he wouldn't say who because his hookup partner is "straight and married now."

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