Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hudson Taylor Comes Out...

Wrestler Hudson Taylor Comes Out
 ...As an Ally of Equality!


  1. Those in the professional sports world, musics industry, TV/Movies and in the public; need to be out as more supportive of equal rights under the law for all American citizens. In this day & age when they know more people who are homosexual; they should realize that treatment is not equal for all, there voice/support can make a difference.
    This needs to be a national topic until 'All Men Are Created Equal' can be achieved

  2. I love Hudson and his wife Lia. They have both expressed how their love for each other grew deeper when the shared passion for the equal rights became apparent. He's such an ideal all-American guy who could choose an easier, more popular and more profitable path, but he's dedicated to equal rights. What mighty fine human beings, both of them.

  3. He came out as an ally several years ago. All that's news here is the video.


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