Thursday, August 2, 2012

Southern Decadence Reaches Over $1 Billion Economic Impact

Southern Decadence Reaches Over $1 Billion Economic Impact on the Community & New Orleans

The 41st Southern Decadence celebration of Gay Life, Music & Culture heralds in the end of summer with a huge economic impact for the community and New Orleans over Labor Day Weekend, August 29th through September 1st this year. While over 135,000 participants with an economic impact of $160 million or better is expected, since 1996 the celebration has had a 1 billion, 117 million dollar economic impact. The Official Website of Southern Decadence,, was launched in 1996, the only website on Southern Decadence at the time, and has been keeping records on the estimated crowds which now total 1 billion, 142 thousand, as well as the projected economic impact each year.

These astounding figures came to light as Ambush Mag Publisher/Editor Rip Naquin-Delain, prepared for a recent television program interview. Ambush produces the Internet domain, while often Naquin-Delain is questioned on everything pertaining to Southern Decadence from media and individual requests received from around the world. He feels it is the duty of both Ambush and www.SouthernDecadence.COM to promote and maintain this wonderful tradition, while helping the GLBT community and New Orleans prosper and succeed from Decadence’s international growth.

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