Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cindy Adams Describes Seeing Joan Rivers in Her Hospital Room

New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams writes in her latest piece what it was like to be in Joan Rivers‘ hospital room leading up to the comedienne’s death.

Rivers died Thursday at 81 from complications resulting from a throat procedure that left her unconscious in late August. Her daughter Melissa released a statement saying Joan died “surrounded by family and close friends.”

In her column earlier this week, Adams said she had recently received an email from Rivers setting up a dinner date between the two scheduled for Friday, September 5.

Adams’ latest column, published before Rivers was officially announced dead, details the hospital room:
Her hospital room got decorated by Preston Bailey (who organized daughter Melissa’s long back wedding — now divorced) with flowers, bows, plants.
Joan’s blanket? Dennis Basso’s white faux mink. CDs play “Oklahoma!” Her perfectly manicured nails, deep purple, feature white designs. Toenails, green. 
Hairdresser and makeup people are dressing hair and making her up. Mount Sinai’s even allowing her dogs in for a moment to kiss Mommy.
Adams was photographed on Monday by the Daily News leaving the New York hospital where Rivers was being treated.

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