Tuesday, July 25, 2017

VJBrendan Is Back!

So a lot of you may have noticed VJBrendan was offline for about a week.  

When I started this blog six years ago it would renew every year on its own and charge my debit card.  Well this year I got a new card because of that new chip that they installed in all the cards so the credit card number changed and it didn't automatically renew.  When I emailed them to figure it out what was wrong they needed my original pass code and pin number from when I started the blog six years ago and I had absolutely no clue what that was. 

So after talking to Google twice and GoDaddy three times I finally got the blog up and running again.

Thank You to all my daily viewers and a Huge Thank You to Victor C., Bruce M., Doug S., Lori F., Tim Y. and all of you that have Donated to help keep the blog going!! 

 VJBrendan is 95% supported by Donations

Once again thanks to everyone for your continued support.

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