Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hugh Jackman is Filming ‘Wolverine 3′ at one of New Orleans’ Most Popular Filming Locations

This week Hugh Jackman has filming scenes for Wolverine 3 at the NASA Michoud Plant in New Orleans. The facility has been one of the most popular filming locations in New Orleans. The upcoming Geostorm and Jack Reacher sequel, along with Terminator: Genisys, Focus, NCIS: New Orleans, and other projects have all filmed here recently.


According to onlookers, Jackman was wearing a white shirt and had a scruffy beard as he stepped out a car and fought several men in the scenes. There was also plenty of dust and sand around, leading some fans to beleive they were filming a scene set in Mexico.

According to the latest casting calls, Wolverine 3 will be filming in Hammond, LA tomorrow, May 26. Click here to find out how you can be an extra at onlocation vacations

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