Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kelly Clarkson on Donald Trump: 'I Am Legitimately Frightened for Our Nation'

Kelly Clarkson and Bette Midler probably won’t be voting for Donald Trump when the 2016 U.S. presidential election rolls around in November.

Clarkson voiced her opinion of Trump on social media on January 25 when she told her more than 10.7 million Twitter followers that she was “Legitimately Frightened For Our Nation” that Trump may be elected.

Clarkson’s political remark came in response to a recent tweet by singer and actress Bette Midler, who took to the 140-character site earlier in the day to express her own hopes that Trump does not get elected later in the year.

“How can we live with a POTUS for four years who says things like ‘I could walk down Fifth Ave., shoot someone, and still not lose any votes?'” Midler tweeted, which then inspired Clarkson’s own candid social media response.

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