Thursday, February 27, 2014

Steve Grand Raises Over $114,000 on a Kickstarter Project For His New CD!!

Steve Grand (2014)

Openly gay country-pop singer Steve Grand launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his debut album on Wednesday. Setting the goal at $81,000 by March 30, he took to his online following for support and has already raised $114,562, as of Thursday afternoon.

"It’s been an amazing journey since I released 'All-American Boy' on YouTube last July," he shares on the project's page. "I made the video using my own money (and maxing out my credit card)—independently and without a label or management."

"Without any money left to do promotion of any kind, I uploaded the video to YouTube and clicked 'Share' on Facebook. Thanks to all of YOU who shared the videos with your friends and on social media, the video went viral almost overnight, landing me spots on major news outlets like 'Good Morning America,' CNN and major print publications. We now have over 2.75 million views!"

He adds, "Now, with your help, I am ready to complete my first full-length album and share it with all of you!"

Grand's upcoming "All-American Boy" album is set to be produced by Aaron Johnson, "who is responsible for creating and shaping many of the sounds you hear on the records from Secondhand Serenade, Katie Herzig and Eve 6."

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