Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Michael Musto Interviews Bianca Del Rio: 'It's Not Necessarily True That I Won'

Michael Musto: Hi, Bianca. When the publicist for the show just connected us, I thought she said, “I have BeyoncĂ© on the phone.”

Bianca Del Rio: You sound so excited.

What was the audition process for you?

It was the same as everyone. You apply online and then they send you a package of things you need to do. A lot of it is giving the look, photos, a little back history about yourself, and showing some versatility—not sexual, but that you have more than three dresses and some personality. I did it very last minute. I didn’t know if I wanted to do it because I didn’t think I was right for the show. I never saw anyone on it who wasn’t a fashion queen or 21 and saying, “I need to be famous.”

Was there a callback?

You send everything away and then you don’t hear from them for a long time. Any queen who says they were on the show and then they were off is bullshit. It’s a very well oiled machine. Can you imagine how many queens across the world are sending their shit?

Well, you were out in L.A. filming for a long time, it seemed. Obviously you won, right?

Not necessarily. That’s something you have to tune in to find out. Everybody has their opinion of what happened. If it’s on the Internet, of course it’s true. You know that. [laughs] There are rumors that are circulating. There were rumors of people who are on the show that weren’t even on.

Like [New-York-based drag performer] Epiphany.

Epiphany actually was away in Greece. It’s the one time she was being honest! [laughs]

Your humor is hilarious, but often rather, shall we say, extreme. Did they tone it down on the show?

No. It’s an interesting environment. When you’re there, you do forget the cameras are on you because the stakes are high, there’s a limited time to get things done, and you don’t know what’s next. You can’t sit back and eat bonbons. For me, it was not so much about playing up to the cameras, but getting the job done.

But did you do your usual array of, say, AIDS jokes?

God, no. We don’t have the opportunity. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to explain myself to America. So I wasn’t going to be an asshole. I sat back like a spider and waited till everyone did what they had to do, and then attacked.

But you do engage in some humor, I hope?

We have those moments. A lot of people said, “I can’t believe you said that.” I thought, “I guess you don’t know me!”

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