Saturday, January 11, 2014

Popeyes Delivers Fried Chicken To The Saints Via Armored Car

Continuing their superstitious ways, the New Orleans Saints departed for their NFC Divisional Playoff game in Seattle and were met at the airport with their lucky fried food -- Popeyes fried chicken.

As the Saints travel to yet another hostile environment, it’s not just the opposing team or their boisterous fans they will have to contend with; it’s Mother Nature. For the second week in a row the Saints will be trying to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive by playing on the road in poor weather conditions.

Players say eating Popeyes chicken as they leave for a road game is crucial to winning.

But since the sacred fried fowl is possibly the team's lucky charm, Popeyes spared no expense to make sure the fried chicken was delivered safely to the Saints.

Popeyes workers delivered the chicken to the team via an armored car as they left for Seattle on Friday. Popeyes posted a photo on Twitter of the company delivering the chicken in the armored vehicle.

When the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV during the 2009 season, players say they ate Popeyes fried chicken prior to every road game.

Saints head coach Sean Payton and his team have referred to the chicken as their lucky food. Payton has even tweeted out several photos featuring boxes of fried chicken and the people at Popeyes are having fun with the Saints playoff run.

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