Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best Kathy and Anderson Quotes From New Years Eve

"Other networks have Miley Cyrus licking stuff, we have a Captain & Tennille reunion"

“If you’re afraid of a watermelon drop, you don’t want to talk about Tinder.” - Griffin

“I roll deep. I know Mackelmore.” - Cooper

“You can’t leave frame from your own network. I don’t work here.” - Griffin

“When are you getting some work done? Is this a bad time to bring this up?” - Griffin

To Debbie Harry - "Are you wearing underwear?"

“That’s a lame question. Leave that to Kathie Lee and Hoda.” - Griffin

"Please use the hashtag #andersonhatesbritney"

“I use to be able to say ‘Don’t Shoot’ in different languages.” – Cooper

“I joined Uber this year. I think it’s one of the greatest things ever.” – Cooper

“Lately, I’ve not been remembering a lot of texts I’ve sent.” – Cooper

“You do realize you’ll never live up to your mother right? I just need to say that.” – Griffin

“Here’s what you love here at CNN: Weed and Heaven.” – Griffin

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