Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Madonna Is Forbes Magazine's Highest Paid Musician!

Madonna is the highest-paid musician in the world for 2013, according to a new ranking in Forbes, besting runner-up Lady Gaga by $45 million. Madonna has made an estimated $125 million over the past year, the majority of which came at the end of her MDNA tour, which grossed $305 million. Her revenue streams also included concert merchandise, her Material Girl clothing line and her Truth or Dare fragrance. 
Gaga made an estimated $80 million. Her world tour grossed $160 million, but it could have made $200 million had she not been sidelined earlier this year with a hip surgery. Her latest album, Artpop, came out too late to make a difference on the list. The magazine estimates she could claim the top spot next year if her tour is successful enough. 
3. Bon Jovi  $79 million
4. Toby Keith $65 million
5. Coldplay  $64 million 
6. Justin Bieber $58 million
7. Taylor Swift $55 million
8. Elton John $54 million
 9. BeyoncĂ© $53 million
10. Kenny Chesney $53 million

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