Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Ryan Phillippe - Breckin Meyer Kissing Scene From '54' Has Finally Surfaced!

Somebody has posted the deleted scene from the 1998 film '54' where Ryan Phillippe and Breckin Meyer kiss on YouTube! Granted it's really bad quality, But I have always wanted to see it!!


  1. I have to admit that with the bad quality they still managed to have a really good intro into the hottest onscreen kiss duo of their time. I had thought I would be pining over Ryan Phillipe but, watching Breckin Meyer bring him down, I actually find Breckin the hotter in the scene. It could also be I'm jaded cause I wanted to marry Breckin after watching Garfield. My doctor says the name for this disorder is Fukinbrekinitis. Which thank god is not more severe than Tebowboneritis...which is brought on by seeing Tim Tebow's black jockstrap through his new NFL pants.

  2. BY the way, the still above shows that Mr. Meyers has some serious "cojoneys". They barely stay in his 70's shorts.

    1. I wondered if I was the only who noticed, growl.


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