Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nate Berkus Tells Oprah, “I Was Born This Way,”

To steal a phrase from Lady Gaga, TV designer Nate Berkus tells Oprah, “I was born this way,” RumorFix is reporting.

The former talk show host detailed his coming out experience to his father, saying he was born gay, it wasn’t a choice.

“I asked my father: ‘Do you trust me? Do you respect me? Do you think I’m smart?’ He said, ‘Yes,’” the 41-year-old tells Oprah as part of her  Super Soul Sunday series that airs February 10 and February 17 on OWN.

“I said, ‘Why would I choose to make my life more difficult – why would anyone choose to make their life more difficult? Do you think I would choose to have this hair? Do you think that I would choose to be 5’9″? I would have been 6’1″. It’s the exact same thing. The truth of the matter is being gay is the way I was born. I believe this to the core of my being.’”

Berkus added: “I said, ‘Dad, we are never going to have a real relationship if you don’t believe me.’ He said, ‘If you say you are born this way, and you didn’t have a choice, then we are good.’ That was really the moment. Then, I knew if I had this base level of respect that I could move forward.”

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