Saturday, March 3, 2012

Prince Harry Dances, Sips, Hugs and Sightsees Across Belize

Prince Harry became a rum-drinking, street-dancing, crowd-pleasing royal during his first encounter with the people of Belize.

The prince had come to name a street in honour of his grandmother the Queen and to sample the country’s culture as he began his Diamond Jubilee tour in tribute to the monarch.

But he left protocol behind and enthusiastically bonded with the locals during a walkabout at a “block party” staged to celebrate his grandmother’s 60-year reign.

The party prince knocked back shots of rum, played the fool as he sampled local dishes, danced with women and left others screaming his name as he went on a walk-about yesterday.

He charmed the crowds during a speech, joking with a heckler who told him to speak louder and telling the audience they were “stuck” with him representing the Queen.

When the third in line to the throne took the hand of Denese Enriquez, 36, who was part of a Kriol performance, he told her: “Let’s dance a little bit – not too much.”

Dressed in a traditional Belize shirt, a gift from the governor general Sir Colville Young, Harry twirled the creative arts development officer.

The pair shimmied as the crowds watched, but Enriquez later confessed that at one moment “he lost me there with his move”.

But she praised Harry, saying “he was just smiling, which was great because it looked like he was enjoying himself”.

Harry told the crowd of about 2,000: “Her Majesty has asked me to send her good wishes to you all."

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