Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kristin Chenoweth to Kick Off a Concert Tour

NEW YORK -- Kristin Chenoweth is taking the long way home.

The Tony Award-winning singer and actress announced Wednesday that she'll kick off her first ever concert tour on May 9 in Seattle and it will end June 24 in Broken Arrow, Okla., the town she grew up in.

"I've sung all over the place but I've never committed to a tour because of my schedule," said the petite beauty with the powerful pipes. "So now I'm finally doing it."

Chenoweth's 19-city North America tour will hit Los Angeles, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Toronto, New York, Nashville and Atlanta, among other cities. In her hometown, the main 1,500-seat stage at the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center will be renamed in her honor.

"For me, it will be very emotional," she said.

Mark Frie, the arts center's executive director, said Broken Arrow has been looking for a way to honor Chenoweth since the facility opened its doors three years ago. "We're excited to welcome her home," he said.

On tour, Chenoweth said she'll perform songs from her latest country-inspired album "Some Lessons Learned," as well tunes from the TV show "Glee" and ones from her Broadway shows like "Popular" from "Wicked."

"If I don't do 'Popular,' I will go out on a stretcher. I know that," she said, laughing. "I've accepted it, and you know what? I'm thankful for it. I'm glad that I have songs that I'm known for."

While she wants to keep the list fluid, other tunes likely to make the cut include "Glitter and Be Gay," "The Girl in 14G" and "Taylor the Latte Boy." But Chenoweth will also sing opera and offer audiences a few surprises, too.

"I'll do a little of everything that I'm known for and also stuff I'm not," she said.

Chenoweth will have backup singers, dancers and choreography. The tour is being directed by Richard Jay-Alexander, who has staged concerts by Bernadette Peters, Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler. Tickets go on sale March 9.

"It's not just me and a piano, baby," she said.

Chenoweth, 43, won a Tony Award in 1999 for her performance in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" and an Emmy Award for the TV show "Pushing Daisies." She was nominated in 2004 for originating the role of Glinda in "Wicked" and was last on Broadway in 2010 in "Promises, Promises."

Her film credits include "Bewitched," "The Pink Panther," "Running With Scissors," Stranger Than Fiction," and the upcoming films "Ed Zwick's Family Weekend" and "Outrun." The actress will also soon be seen in the new ABC series "GCB."

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