Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trevor Donovan Poses Nude!!

Trevor Donovan Poses Nude!

Former 90210 star Trevor Donovan left almost nothing to the imagination in a recent nude photo shoot showcasing his Adonis-like bod -- in which a loosely held towel barely covers him up.

"It was supposed to be a 60s Steve McQueen/James Dean-type shoot mixed with 'naked in Atlantis," the actor, 33, tells Us Weekly of the exclusive photo, taken at a pal's house in, naturally, Beverly Hills. "But the zip code was not 90210!" jokes the hunky blond.

What did it take for Donovan to strip down? "Shots of tequila," he tells Us. "Just kidding! Listen, there is nothing shameful about the human body. It's a beautiful thing!"

To maintain his impressive physique, Donovan works out "every day," without a personal trainer he says. "I eat well," he adds (think lots of fish and white-meat chicken), "and do a lot of cross-fit workouts."


Donovan was a trailblazer on 90210 as Teddy, who came out as gay on season three of the CW smash, and has since departed the series. "To play a role so outside your comfort zone is a challenge I gladly accepted," he says of the experience. "Teddy was kind of a douchey 'playa in season 2 with no substance, but season 3, he became a dudes dude…literally and figuratively!"

He teased that fans may not have seen the last of Teddy: "Who ever said Teddy's story line is over? I'll leave it at that!"

Next up, Donovan will appear alongside Blake Lively in Savages, directed by the legendary Oliver Stone. "Being directed by Oliver was a very cool experience."

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