Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston.....

In 1987 I waited over-night for tickets to my first Whitney Houston concert and was rewarded with Front Row Center seats

Whitney Houston Backstage in Iowa City Iowa
I put together a huge clipping scrapbook for Whitney and waited all afternoon by the stage door and was excited when I met her Cousin Felicia who sang background vocals on the tour.   After the amazing concert Felicia took me backstage to Whitney's dressing room so I could give Whitney the scrapbook and I spent about 20 Minutes with Whitney, before I left she gave me a huge hug and signed a personal autograph for me.

In 1991 Whitney came back to Iowa and I went to the show with another huge scrapbook, I was lucky enough to show the Book to Whitney's brother Gary who loved the book!!

After the show Gary took me and my friend Kara directly to Whitney's dressing room, when Whitney saw me she said very loudly with a huge smile on her face "I Remember You...... !!"  I gave her the new scrapbook and knelled down in front of her as she slowly flipped through the pages.   She loved it!

This is my favorite autograph!!
She was still in the gorgeous read dress that she wore on Stage that night and I was so honored to be able to take a picture with her.  I have to be honest, she was beyond nice and I was really impressed at how real she was.

The next night I saw her again Front Row Center and during the show I handed her roses during "Where do broken hearts go" and she actually said "Thank You Brendan" into the microphone!! 

I was able to go Backstage again and Say "hi" to her.

I Saw her in concert again in Chicago in 1994 after 'The Bodyguard' and I am so honored that I got to see her sing the classic songs from the Soundtrack like "I have Nothing" and "I will always love you"

I was able to go backstage again at this show but was told Whitney wasn't seeing anyone and I found out in the paper the next day that she had just experienced a miscarriage. 

In 1995 I was able to attend 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' in Chicago, Whitney was one of the guests and was promoting her her new movie "Waiting To Exhale" During the taping I was able to ask Whitney a question and I could tell she remembered me. 

 After the Oprah taping I ran out of the studio to the garage where the limos were waiting and when Whitney, Loretta Divine and Lela Rochon walked out into the garage I said "Hey Whitney.... I have another scrapbook for you" Oprah's security told me to stand back and Whitney replied "No, It's O.K. I know him.. I know him...."   I walked over to the three of them and showed Whitney the scrapbook.  Loretta said I did a really good job on the book and Lela was very nice.   Whitney gave me a huge hug and thanked me.  That was the last time I saw her.

She was such a bright light in what can be such a dark world.   And even though I didn't really know her, I am just so happy that I got to meet her a few times and got to spend the little time I did with her.  I will always cherish the fact that she always remembered me.  She was a true legend and with never be forgotten.


  1. This was an incredible post, thanks for sharing. Really touching memories. xoxo Dave

  2. Beautifuel post Brendan. xoxo

  3. Wow ....really nice ....loved the Oprah clip ....such a sad loss

  4. i took the travel packages through her fan club so i could meet her. i met her three times and was stunned how much more beautiful in person she was. which says alot!


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