Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prince Harry Was Worried About The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has admitted he was incredibly nervous about his brother's wedding.

The 27-year-old prince helped his brother William organise his big day when he married Duchess Catherine in April last year, and admitted he found it nerve racking to be involved in.

Harry told the BBC: 'I was quite glad when it was over though, bit of a blur. I think I was just as nervous as William!'

Prince William and the duchess were married in a lavish ceremony at London's Westminster Abbey, and Best Man Harry admitted he was constantly checking to make sure he hadn't lost the wedding ring, and he had good reason to be worried as the eyes of millions around the world were on him.

He added: 'Being the ring bearer was a bit of a responsibility and I had it in my cuff because I had no pockets, so I was having to try and check to make sure it was there without making it obvious.

'As far as I was concerned I was there to support him, to tell him how great he is - it was his day so I had to lie a bit - and just make sure that he wasn't too nervous and just make sure that everything was going to go according to plan.'

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