Monday, January 16, 2012

Matt Bomer Talks About Why Gay Fans Will Love His Stripper Movie “Magic Mike”’s Jim Halterman chatted with Mr. Bomer about the upcoming new episodes of White Collar but I’m going to excerpt part of the interview about Magic Mike!

AE: The movie does have dramatic element to it, right? It’s not just a fun and stripping.
MB: Yeah. I mean, look. This movie is really a coming of age story. The really central relationship of it is between Channing’s character, Mike, and Alex Pettyfer’s character, The Kid. It’s about somebody who’s trying to get out of the world they’re in or definitely sees a ceiling on the world they’re living in, and another new, young soul who just is just kind of fascinated and drawn like a moth to the flame to that hedonistic lifestyle.

AE: For our gay readers, is there a gay character in the film or a gay element to the movie?
MB: I don’t know how much I can say. I think there will be several scenes that will… I think the gay fans will be very, very happy with several of the scenes that occur in the film. But, yeah, there is one scene that I… well I don’t want to say anything because then it’s going to ruin it for everybody and it comes out in June and it’s going to give away a big thing, but…

AE: So there’s one scene to look forward to…
MB: There is one scene in particular where definitely those boundaries are blurred. Yeah.

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