Friday, May 12, 2023

Dolly Parton - 'World On Fire' From The 58th ACM Awards

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  1. Let me bitch.

    I was Amazon Prime just checking what was new and the ACMs popped up. I speed through two hours worth of crap. Where has country music gone these days. There were a few artists that were talented and some I thought were in the wrong wheel house. I have never seen so much posturing of "I am country." Someone tell me what some of these women were wearing. And guys did not fair much either. Everyone!! FIT is key. And ladies we don't need to see EVERYTHING your momma gave you. A little peak is fine. You just look skanky. Also who did the makeup for the show. It was not flattering. The toxic masculinity was off the charts. We love Dolly!! But dear please stop the fillers, surgeries and such. You can barely talk these days with all the work you have had done.


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