Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Barbra Streisand Memoir Coming in 2017

Barbra Streisand, the singer, actor, director and graduate of Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, will publish a memoir in 2017. Viking on Wednesday announced it had bought the book, which will cover Ms. Streisand’s entire life and career.

Ms. Streisand is one of the few entertainers to win Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and Tony awards. (The Tony was a special award for “Star of the Decade” in 1970.)

In an announcement of the deal, Brian Tart, the president and publisher of Viking, said the many previous books about Ms. Streisand are “full of myths and inaccuracies, and she is finally going to tell her own story.”

In The New York Times Book Review in 2012, James Gavin reviewed “Hello, Gorgeous,” a book about Ms. Streisand’s formative years by William J. Mann. “Dozens of books have wrung the Streisand myth dry, none with her cooperation (and all to her annoyance). But the fascination goes on,” Mr. Gavin wrote. “Predictably, little of the fact and anecdote in Mann’s 500 pages of text is new.”

Ms. Streisand may be the last remaining person who can bring her life to new life on the page.

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