Monday, April 15, 2013

More Photo's of Diana Ross and Mary Wilson at the Opening Night of 'Mowtown'


  1. Diana Ross a class act even after ALL the years that Mary Wilson gave her bad press, Diana Ross still posed for pictures with her. Great job Diana Ross!

    1. Mary Wilson did not give Diana bad press. Diana seems to have earned it through many countless negative experiences that many people documented. Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight have even recounted cutthroat experiences with Diana. Producers still even document the infamous stage shoving that Diana did to Mary that had to be edited out and was even in Us magazine in 1983. that was not classy. She acted like a hoodrat from Detroit projects that night. Youtube any interview with Mary Wilson and she only talks about her own accomplishments. Diana's bad reputation in the industry, that even Oprah addressed during the 2011 finale of her show, is also derived from the public mind frame that Diana dated Smokey, Brian Holland and eventually Gordy - all the top execs!- then suspiciously rose to the top of Motown's talent list. It's how the public sees her - as a woman who was on the couch for tracks - that makes her lose points with people who would have been fans.

      I respect that you are a Diana fan, but even I find it hard to give her as much applause as I could - even though I like some of her music - "cause in my eyes she was a girl from the projects who wanted to obtain a goal at all costs, even if it meant hooking up with the owner of the company who seemed to pay her mostly in inches. However many inches he had. She would have been broke leaving Motown had it not been for the record deal at RCA. Gordy took back all the fancy cars and she received a one time royalties payment of $150,000.00 like all the others. Gordy used her even though he tries to play it up with how much he was in love, though he knows he hung her out to dry in the end. But that's a convenient way to lay claim to how far she made it and take credit. Mary had nothing to do with my opinion because she doesn't even address all that in her book. That was from another biography.

      But I feel for Diana. She wanted something and thought she was doing all she had to do to make it. And that's how some people go about it.

  2. Ashanti is just misinformed. Everyone seems to know so much about what goes on with famous people, but only from what they read. Do not believe what you read or what other people say. They all have their own idea of what reality was, from their perspective. Most of those who render a perspective only do so to sell their stories. As for Patti, she is hurt that Diane did not pull her into her circle of light. D:)


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