Saturday, August 11, 2012

'The New Normal's' Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha Talk to 'THR'

Book of Mormon's Andrew Rannells and The Hangover's Justin Bartha are bringing a new kind of normal to NBC. 

The duo co-star as Bryan and David, a Los Angeles couple who turn to Goldie (Georgia King) to serve as surrogate as the pair look to grow their family on the network's The New Normal.
From Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy and writerAli Adler (Chuck), the series co-stars Ellen Barkin as Goldie's often-racist grandmother and Glee scene stealer Nene Leakes as Bryan and David's free-speaking assistant.
The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Rannells and Bartha to challenge the on-screen duo to take our Fall TV poll where they revealed an affection (obsession?) for Mad Men and an inappropriate attraction for one of their leggy co-stars.
The Hollywood Reporter: If you like X, Y and Z, you'll like my show.
Andrew Rannells: If you like families, fun and comedy, you'll like my show.
Justin Bartha: If you like great television, hilarious hilarity and great hair, you'll like the show.
If you weren't starring on this show, what show would you want to be on?
Rannells: I'm going be obvious: I'd want to be Jon Hamm on Mad Men.
Bartha: Can I say it, too? (Laughing) I would like to be Elisabeth Moss because then I get to act opposite Andrew Rannells. 
What was the funniest thing that happened while filming the pilot?
Rannells: Michael Hitchcock, who's a writer on Glee, plays the guy who works at the fertility clinic and was hilarious. He had such great outtakes that we knew would never be used. It was all about online dating and that afternoon with him was the funniest; he came up with the most obscene and crazy things.
Bartha: It was off-camera but for me, it was playing a gay man yet still being so attracted to Ellen Barkin and not being able to concentrate because I was looking at her beautiful legs (laughing). 
If you could scrub anything off your résumé, what would it be?
Rannells: (Laughing) My name is [Go On and fellow NBC star] Laura Benantiand if I could scrub one thing off my résumé … you know what, no. I'm going be a self-helpist about this. Anything I did ultimately brought me to exactly where I am so I can't take anything off or it might change the path of my career. And I didn't do any snuff films, I didn't do any jackoff porn.
Bartha: I would not take one thing off my résumé. Not even Gigli.
Who's your dream guest star for the show?
Rannells:I'm going to answer for both of us: Jon Hamm likes comedy, can't he come on our show?
Bartha: See, now all I can think of is [Mad Men's] John Slattery; he'd be a good dad for me on the show. 
NBC will air a special two-minute preview from the New Normal premiere on Friday following coverage of the women's BMX finals competition at the London Olympics, scheduled for 11: 17 p.m.
The New Normal premieres Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. Will you watch?

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